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A woman's success as a mother shouldn't be measured by how 'unchanged' she is.

Matrescence is the process of becoming a mother. The changes a woman goes through are real, they are physicological and psychological and are comparable in significance, to adolescence. The term Matrescence was coined by Dana Raphael, Ph.D. (1973), and is described as a developmental passage where a woman transitions through pre-conception, pregnancy and birth (or surrogacy or adoption) to the postnatal period and beyond.

The scope of changes encompass the biological, social, political and spiritual reams. The length of matrescence is individual, it can recur with each child and changes as they age, arguably it may last a life time.

So what does this mean? It means that this process of becoming a mother will change you, and that's okay, it's normal. You aren't supposed to feel like your old self, or get your old life back, you are forever changed. You may experience deep internal shifts, you can use the experience as a catalyst for personal transformation. It's a chance to grow and evolve, to shed the parts of you that just don't feel like you anymore. Re-orient your values, your toxic relationships, the career that is unfulfilling. This passage of a women's life is the most significant psychological and spiritual event you may encounter!

Matrescence is your chance to give birth to who you really are, to become more of yourself - to find your deep truth and authenticity.

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